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Anthony Vatuna is an Honest and Highly Accurate Spiritual Medium.  Through his connection to Spirit as an experienced Clairvoyant he has helped thousands of people attain Insight, Guidance and Peace on many topics and life decisions. He is known for being honest, authentic, humble, highly accurate and kind. His readings shed light on people’s truest essence and can also help show how one’s Karma is affecting one’s lessons in this lifetime. Anthony provides a vehicle of information that can help support, nurture and inform people along the path of life…ultimately and most importantly providing peace of mind.

In Person Private Readings with Anthony
New York City June 28, 29  
Hollywood FL July 19
Fort Lauderdale FL July 20-21 
To reserve email artday99@aol.com

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How It Works:

You can come to Anthony with any question(s) or desired insight. Whether you get a reading over the phone, in person, via Skype WhatsApp or Email…he then connects with spirit and provides answers.  

His Offerings Include:

General Readings - which can help one get a general overview of where they are at currently in life and offers predictions about the future.


Readings with Specific questions about the past or the future - which can help one when making life decisions or get insight about a particular topic that they might have been wrestling with or would like predictions about.   


Past Life Readings - which often helps people understand the reasons behind what they are currently living through and/or what karmic lessons they are undergoing.  Know who you are, in your totality, and honor the previous versions of you.


Connecting with the deceased: which often helps facilitate acceptance, closure or help answer any lingering questions.


Mentorship: which can help those who feel that they have a similar gift and may want to take it to the next level.   

“I just wanted to "thank You" for the best reading I have ever gotten in my life and I have been a seeker since I was a young girl. You gave me reassurance from the first sentence you spoke and I knew then and there you were the real deal. How fortunate for me to have found you and how fortunate for all whose lives you touch. You have an amazing gift and present it with humility and kindness. Thank you Anthony for easing my mind...I am amazed, astounded and thankful!!!”- Gayle 
Psychic, Psychic Reading, Medium, Spiritual Medium,Phone readings
Psychic, Psychic Reading, Medium, Spiritual Medium,Phone readings
Psychic, Psychic Reading, Medium, Spiritual Medium,Phone readings
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